Introducing Me

Hey ^^ (basically that’s all i got so far)

Hmmmmm~ my name is Santhiya May Yee, i am a mixed raced -Chindian- (Chinese + Indian) i’m a 97 liner 🙃 i love loooooveeeee Singing,Dancing,Poetry,Drawing,BTS,Taking pics and being the odd one from the crowd (basically *laughs like a dolphin*)

So what you can expect from my post will be the stuffs i listed above (just wanna do what i love)

I’m a pretty easy going person ^^ so just say “Hi” be nice and we’re already friends *smiles widely trying not to be creepy*

Trying to leave my footprints everywhere I go (on hearts,memories and soul)

That’s all for now ~^^~

(hope you’ll have a lovely day/night wherever you are)